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#1 2020-02-13 00:23:43

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A new level of intimacy

Masturbation is usually regarded as solo sex, and couples do not share their masturbation experience with each other. A mutual jerking or dual masturbation can help you reach a new level of intimacy.

Both of you will not have any shame of talking about masturbation, which is quite natural. Getting used to mutual masturbation will remove all the aspects of shame that are associated with masturbation.

When you try out mutual jerking, it could be the sexiest thing you have ever done till now. This kind of intimacy will allow you to have a mind-blowing sexual experience. Both partners will have more acceptance of their wants and desires after experimenting with mutual masturbation.

“Mutual masturbation can be a terrific precursor to intercourse, or it can be the main event all on its own. I’m a big proponent of mutual masturbation for couples looking to reestablish intimacy in their relationship. Masturbating each other or in front of each other can build anticipation, tease each other, and serve as foreplay. There’s so much room to explore.”
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#2 2020-02-14 15:28:22

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Re: A new level of intimacy

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